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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Tilda Princess and Pea !!

Hi everyone ......
I'm taking a break for the next couple of challenges
so my lovely friend and Deputy Christine is standing in for me
(Thank you my friend x)
Our theme this time is
 "More Than One Fold"
I made a simple easel card  
using Piggy Pink Scalloped Bazzill card
and Prima Paper from the Meadow Lark collection
I also used this sweet Tilda masked on the Magnolia Mattress
both from the new Once upon a time 2013 collection.
Both these sentiment stamps came from
Nicky @ Stamping All Day
The Happy Birthday is so handy and it cost only £1
and the Officially a Princess seal/ postmark is just £1.75
So pop over and see what other bargains you can find
 Stamping All Day
Sentiment for every occasion @ very reasonably priced too !!
Plus UK shipping is only £1.25 no matter what the size of your order is,
 Nicky also ships worldwide see in store for shipping details and prices.
AKA Clairee
My personal blog is Here
All my cards are available to buy on My Etsy Shop


  1. Love her on the mattress!!!! Such a gorgeous card with so many lovely details! Hugs, Brigitte


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