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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Garden Party...

Doesn't sweet Tilda look like she's at a garden party? Strolling along waiting for Prince Charming to come and brisk her away? This is my first chance at colouring this sweet image - thanks Clairee! Hope you're all have a great day!
M'Lynn AKA Lori


  1. woot woot..............stunning and vibrant ! Great creation M'Lynn! Love the colors, flowers and layout! Looks like that corner piece is pokin' her in the butt, but I wouldn't be Wheeza if I didn't notice that!!!

  2. WOWOW! Gorgeous card M'Lynne! Breathtaking really and I don't know about you but I love the romantic idea of being "whisked" away, however the rather intense sound of being "brisked" away is really starting to have an appeal for me. I wonder, is it kind of a cross between being "frisked" away, which of course sounds criminal, and "whisked" away. Either WAY your card BLEW me AWAY!


  3. O m'gosh! I just realized I am startin to sound like Wheeza!

  4. hahahahahaha thanks for pointing out my dumbness I was thinking of a brisk walk and cross ties....hahahahahahaha lmao!

  5. I meant cross tied... whisked and, see hahahahah!

  6. Whey Hey!! Just found this blog through a comment by Cor* and not only has it got TILDAS.... it's got old friends too!!! LOVE this card Lori and I'll be back to keep a beady eye on all these fab Tilda cards.....and you girls too of course!!
    Hugs Viv xxx

  7. Wow this is jaw dropping darling so pretty and I love the nestie shape and how you added all those pearls
    I love the flowers and the bobbly bud things too and how you flipped up the corner and added the pearl brad , thats a neat trick
    The whole card is amazing
    Hugs Susie xx