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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Almost forgot about this one.

I am sorry to have not been around lately, as I was knocked down & out for the count with an infection I didn't think I was EVER GOING TO GET OVER. You can find those dreaded details at my other blog here!


I do have a card, one I almost forgot I made.

I made this card for my daughter's guitar lesson instructor. The one I made before did not meet her spec, as she wanted music notes on it, so I whipped this one up & she was ubber happy. Obviously it was for Christmas, so has since left our home for another!

I am going to bed now, per DH's instruction, so will search for challenges tomorrow.
Nighty Nite!

AKA- Wheeza!


  1. Love the card and what a great stamp

  2. I completely sympathise with you, I had flu all over christmas and its only just moved out, I never thought it was ever going to leave me. Hope you are feeling much better. I love your card, perfect for the Guitar Instructor. Hugs Teresa xx